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AragornsDad About

In the year of 1994 there was born a child in the frozen wilderness of the north, a birth marked by no particular portent or omens, and no more than the typical jubilance expected for the second son of a family of humble means. But in time this child, called Dan by his family, would come to be known among the greatest warriors of the land, and indeed all the masses who observed their mighty battles through the palantíri, as AragornsDad.

Setting out into the world to discover his fortune, Dan first ventured into the realms of Kanto and Johto, where he learned to master the strange beasts that roamed in the tall grasses. Time and again he was challenged by jealous rivals and uniformed rogues, but none could stand in the way of his yearning to be the very best, like no one ever was. Come earthquakes or thunderbolts, unhinged schemes or even the terrifying unknown, Dan rose above it all time and again. With none left to challenge him, he set his sights on distant shores.

Hyrule, land of myth and magic, welcomed the young explorer with open arms and shattered pottery. Bravely he ventured through lost and sacred temples, though it was dangerous to go alone. Through jungle and forest, swamp and field, following clues obscure and forging alliances unlikely, Dan whiled away his youth on those bright and pleasant quests.

Until the day he was gifted with the Box of X.

Out into the black and unknowable depths of the universe he set out, leaving behind the places of his youth and the comforts of home. Here there were greater challenges, whole civilizations at war, with ancient relics of unimaginable power and scope. Donning his new armor and mounting his trusted Warthog, he battled foes most fierce on every planet his boots touched. For many years, he dwelled in the lands of Genesis and Alluvion, Meridian and Sedra. It was not until his capture at Makin Island, at the hands of the dreaded dev Treyarch, that he forged out again into new and unfamiliar spaces.

Heeding the call of duty, he marched forth, no longer Dan but AragornsDad, fearsome and deadly from Stalingrad to Miami. So great was his prowess on the battlefield that there came a cry from the people to watch as he pwned the n00bs, and thus it was that he set up his own palantir (or Twitch Stream, in the common tongue) that all might revel in the glory of battle.

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