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Below is the stream schedule. Subject to change of course. Subscribe on Twitch to keep up with the latest updates and new live streams.

Weekdays - 4-9pm EST

Live for 5 hours every day but Wednesday, streaming Call of Duty, Mincecraft, Pokemon, random RPGs.

Weekends - Random

Will normally be streaming from 4-9pm on weekends, but sometimes random extra streams will happen.


Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens - Gimli

In the year of 1994 there was born a child in the frozen wilderness of the north, a birth marked by no particular portent or omens, and no more than the typical jubilance expected for the second son of a family of humble means. But in time this child, called Dan by his family, would come to be known among the greatest warriors of the land, and indeed all the masses who observed their mighty battles through the palantíri, as AragornsDad.

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